As a Naturopath and Post Partum Doula, I love supporting women through the transition of pregnancy to post partum and beyond using natural medicine and traditional practices. In our culture we find that often pregnancy and birth are highly supported and celebrated but yet during the post partum period many new mothers often feel alone, anxious and overwhelmed.

The birth process is not just about making babies, it’s about creating strong, confident and happy mothers!

I can help you achieve this by being a source of encouragement and support during this sacred time. This period after birth is often known as ‘The Fourth Trimester’. It consists of 40 days, and is a time where mothers need to recover, rejuvenate and bond with their new baby. A Post Partum Doula is very common in many different cultures and plays a key role in supporting new born mothers after birth. When working with me during this special and very important time in your life, you can expect to receive support via the following services:

  • 1x Pre Natal Consultation (60min either at my clinic, your home, or via Skype)
  • 2x Post Partum Home Visits (60-90min each visit)
  • Herbal Healing Soaks
  • Herbal Breastfeeding Tea
  • Herbal Tincture for Nervous System Support
  • Ayurvedic Lactation Cookies
  • Custom Flower Essence Blend for emotional support
  • Belly Binding Practice
  • Baby Massage Guidance
  • Ayurvedic Post Partum Meal Guide + Cookbook
  • Unlmited Email Support

Herbal Medicine is a wonderful way to support new born mothers. There are many traditional herbs with current     scientific evidence which can help to enhance healing of tender tissues via herbal soaks, support lactation and     reduce feelings of nervousness and anxiety by supporting the adrenals and nervous system. If any concerns develop such as low milk supply, mastitis or colic in your baby, I can also offer support in treating these conditions.

When it comes to post partum nutrition, it is advised that women consume warming, nourishing, grounding and easily digestible foods such as porridge, puddings, warm teas, soups and stews. The process of birth causes women to loose a lot of fluid, tissue and energy. Therefore it is vital that this loss is replaced by foods that build blood and support tissue renewal. I will cook and deliver to you three nourishing soups with each visit to help you regain your energy and strength and aid healing as well as provide you with a post partum meal guide and simple cookbook for creating your own post birth healing recipes.

Body work is a traditional practice used in many cultures and includes belly binding and oil massage. Belly binding involves applying warm oil to the abdominal area and then binding the belly firmly with cloth or a band to support healing of the abdominal muscles, contraction of the uterus back to its normal size, aid in correct posture and provide emotional support via it’s nurturing and grounding effects on the mind. Oil massage is great for helping to sooth sore and tender muscle and promote healing in the mother. I can show you how to do a simple self massage in the comfort of your own home, and how you can also use oil massage on your baby to help promote calmness, digestion, relief from colic and aid blood circulation and the development of healthy muscles in your child.

If you would like more information on my post partum packages and would like to book please email me at