How to Create a Natural Medicine Kit

DIY Natural Remedy Kit

When it comes to natural alternatives for treating common ailments, creating a Natural Medicine Kit is a great way to be prepared at home. The over prescription of antibiotics is becoming a real issue , not only because of the rise of antibiotic resistance but also due to their damaging effects on adults, and particularly children’s gut and immune health when taken regularly to treat conditions which could have otherwise been treated successfully with natural remedies. Below you will find a comprehensive list of different natural remedies you can stock up on for when common ailments such as cold and flu, fever, pain, insomnia, cuts and bruises arise. They are family friendly and I use many of these for myself, my partner and my 5 year old sun when needed. The list may seem overwhelming but you may find you already have many of them in the kitchen, garden or medical cabinet, otherwise you can start to slowly stock up from health food stores or online.

  1. Aloe Vera – A common herbs found in gardens and on the streets is Aloe Vera, a plant that is rich in a soothing, anti inflammatory, anti bacterial and wound healing gel which can be applied to cuts, rashes, wounds and abrasions. You can either grow your own at home or buy it from your health food store in a jar.
  2. Arnica Oil – Arnia is a flower which is known to reduce inflammation and relieve pain from sore muscles, tissues and to help heal bruising. Simply massage a small amount into the affected area.
  3. Chamomile – A staple in my house, Chamomile is great for treating many ailments such as bloating, cramping, skin cuts/irritation, insomnia and stress or anxiety. Brew 1tbs of dried herb to 1 cup of boiling water, let steep for 10min and either drink or use as a compress on the skin by soaking a cloth in the tea. For a stronger version you can also use a Chamomile Tincture taken internally.
  4. Comfrey Root – Also known as ‘Knitbone’, Comfrey is used either as a compress when soaked in tea, or as a cream to help heal bruises, sore muscles, breaks and sprains. Do not ake this herb internally.
  5. Cramp Bark – A natural anti spasmodic, Cramp Bark is great for relieving period pain and afterbirth pains. You can either take it in the form of a tea or tincture to help relieve pain and spasm.
  6. Echincea and Elderberry Syrup – A great way to ease colds, flu and infection is Echinacea and Elderberry Syrup. Take 1tbs every hour to combat infection with its anti bacterial properties and boost immunity with its nutrient rich properties. You can either purchase the syrup or make your own (recipe below).
  7. Garlic – Natures potent anti bacterial, Garic is great for fighting colds, flu and infections. It is also anti inflammatory so is great for relieving earaches, sore throats and symptoms of the common cold. You can either eat in raw in food or take it in tablet form.
  8. Jamaican Dogwood Extract – A natural form of pain relief, Jamaican Dogwood taken in the form of a tincture can help to relieve pain and provide natural sedation. It is great for reliving pain associated with menstural cramps, muscle pain or pain caused by injury.
  9. Lavender Essential Oil – Another household staple, Lavender is great for use as an anti bacterial, to treat wounds and skin irritation (make sure its always diluted when using on the skin), in the bath for relaxation and for relief from insect bites.
  10. Licorice Root – Licroce Root is great for treating heartburn and indegestion as well as sore throats. It contains anti inflammatory properties and is a demulcent which makes it soothing on muscous membranes such as the throat and gut. Take it in the form of tea, tablet or tincture. It is also great for supporting the adrenals during times of stress and fatigue.
  11. Eucalyptus Chest Rub – Many common chest rubs contain all kinds of nasty chemicals and toxins such as petroleum. Its so simple to make your own with some beeswax and eucalypus oil to provide relief from congested sinuses.
  12. Passionflower Tea – When taken in the form of tea or tincture, Passionflower is great for promoting relaxtion and sleep. It is great for stress, anxiety and insomnia and is also safe for use in children.
  13. Quercetin – A natural anti histamine, Quercetin is an anti inflammatory and anti allergic making it great for the prevention and relief of allergies such as hayfever. You can take it in the form of tablet or in a powder. It often comes with Bromelain which is also a natural anti histamine most naturally occurring in the core of pineapple.
  14. Nettle Leaf – Another anti inflammatory and anti allergic herb, Nettle Leaf is great for the relief of allergies, in particular it is great for the prevention of asthma and eczema. It is also rich in iron making it good the the treatment of iron deficiency and a diuretic so it is good for treating bloating caused by fluid rentention. Take it in the form of tea, tincture or tablet.
  15. Slippery Elm – A powder which has a soothing demulcent and anti inflammatory effect on the mucous membranes making it great for the treatment of sore throats, reflux and heartburn as well as treating consitpation. Mix 1tsp of powder into a little water to make a paste then consume it either mixed into yoghurt, water or juice.
  16. Ti Tree Oil – Great for use as an anti bacterial, Ti Tree oil can be used on cuts, wounds and skin irritation when diluted with water or a carrier oil.
  17. YEP Tea – Yarrow, Elderflower and Peppermint is a traditional blend of herbs to help relieve fever when taken in the form of tea. It reduces fever, fights infection and promotes calmness. It is great for use in children.
  18. Digestive Enzymes – Often bloating and indigestion is due to a lack of digestive enzymes such as Protease for protein, Lipase for fats and Amylase for carbohydrates. Taking digestive enzymes before meals can help to promote digestiona and absorption of nutrients.
  19. Raw Honey – Perfect for soothing sore throats or applying to cuts and wounds, Raw Honey is rich in natural anti bacterial properties. Make sure you look for a Raw one that has been unheated, preferrably organic and even better, Manuka Honey which has an even high potency of anti bacterial properties.
  20. Lemons – Lemons are rich in Vitamin C and are alkalising making them great for boosting immunity, fighting infection, supporting digestion and alkalising the blood. Squeeze half a lemon in some warm water and take before meals.
  21. Turmeric – A natural anti oxidant, anti inflammatory and anti bacterial, Turmeric taken in the form of the herb or tablet is great for treating colds, flu and infection.
  22. Magnesium – Great for headaches/migraines, musclular pain, faituge and constipation, Magnesium is a great multi pupose mineral to have on hand. It is best taken in the form of powder mixed into water or oil form which is applied to the skin.
  23. Probiotics – Probiotics are important for a healthy gut and are required for balancing the gut flora. Take probiotics for relief of bloating, cramping and constipation. They can also be taken to treat infection such as thrush and after antibiotic use to restore good bacteria.
  24. Emergency Essence – Great for relief of stress, overwhelm and anxiety. Emergency Essence by Australian Bush Flower Essences is a great natural stress reliever to have on hand and can be used for both chronic stress or acute crisis situations to help to you or you family cope.
  25. Sea Salt – A basic staple in many households, Sea Salt is great for bathing cuts and wounds in. Just mix a tablespoon into some warm water and bath the affected area with a cotton pad.
  26. Vitamin C – Vitamin C in the form of a powder or chewable tablets are great for use at the rise of any cold and flu symptoms and to fight infection. They are also great for use in times of stress and Vitamin C is one of the nutrients required by the adrenals for optimum functioning.
  27. Zinc – Taken in the form of drops, liquid or tablets, Zinc is great for boosting immunity and fighting infection. You can also purchase Zinc lozengers to combat throat infections.


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