How to Make a Natural Birth Kit

Creating a Birth Kit is a great way to prepare for a great birthing experience. Birth is an amazing experience like no other, it pushes us to our limits and forces us to be strong and powerful even when we don’t think we can be. A birth Kit ensures they we are prepared with supplies that support and nourish us during this time. It enables us to have access to natural pain relief, natural remedies for ailments and food and drink to give us much needed energy and hydration. It also ensures that we have the necessary supplies for post birth support and healing as well. When I was pregnant with my son I loved creating a birth kit. I did a lot of reading about what I might useful and gathered together some great support tools. Some I used extensively, others not so much, then there where things that I didn’t use at all. We never know how our birth experience will unfold so it’s great to have a range of options available to us. These are some of the tools that I included in my own birth kit and things that I often recommend to other pregnant women.


Electrolytes are very important for hydration and muscle contraction. When we are dehydrated due to over exertion and fluid loss, we become low in Electrolytes which need to be replaced. Coconut Water is a natural source of Electrolytes as it is rich in Magnesium, Sodium and Potassium. You can also buy natural electrolyte sachets from your local health food store which contain the minerals in supplementpowder form to mix with water.

Protein Snacks

Protein is important for energy and muscle and tissue repair. The amount of energy required for labor is enormous so it is very important that we support this process by fueling our body with protein rich foods. The last thing birthing women usually want to do is eat, so having some ready made is small protein snacks such as protein balls or nuts to nibble on inbetween contractions is a great way to support energy production and prevent fatigue.

Heat Pack

Heat is a wonderful way to ease the pain of contractions. Heat helps to soft and soothe tense muscles and promote blood flow to the pelvis. Wheat packs are great as they can be heated up in a microwave. Some come with added herbs such as lavender which is nice for promoting calmness and relaxation.

Homeopathic Birth Kit

You will need to get a kit from a qualified Homeopath, which contains a range of useful remedies which are wonderful for supporting labor and alleviating symptoms. Some examples of remedies include Homeopathic Caulophyllum (Blue Cohosh) which is great for kick starting labor if contractions start to slow down. There are also remedies for nausea, distress and retained placenta. The remedies come in a compact little kit with instructions, making it easy to pack and use during labor.

Raspberry Tea

You can either drink it as a hot tea or as an iced tea for hydration and to support regular strong and efficient contractions. Raspberry Leaf is a Partus Prepator so it is great for supporting uterine contractions and preventing excessive blood loss.

Cotton Maternity Pads

Tom organics is a great brand that make natural organic cotton maternity pads. These will be useful post birth for bleeding and to use as a herbal compress. Simply soak the pads in a herbal tea mix of Chamomile and other healing herbs such as Calendula and Yarrow, freeze in the freezer then place a thin piece of cotton over the top as a barrier between the ice compress and your skin.

Emergency Essence

Emergency Essence by Australian Bush Flower Essences or Rescue Remedy by Bach are great for alleviating anxiety and stress during overwhelming situations. Take a dose at the onset of regular contractions and continue to take as needed to promote calmness.

Clary Sage

Clary Sage is an essential oil which helps to regulate contractions, alleviate pain and promote calmness. You can burn the oil in the room if you bring an oil diffuser or you can mix in into an oil base and use it for massage over the back and abdomen.

Massage Oil

Use either a plant based oil such as Almond, Macadamia or Olive Oil or you can add some Clary Sage essential oil to the blend and use to massage over you lower back and abdomen to help relieve the pain of contractions and promote circulation.

Yoga Ball

Yoga Balls, also known as exercise balls, are great for sitting on and leaning on to help get into a comfortable position during childbirth and labor. Most hospitals do have them available but if they don’t you can pack and bring your own.

Tens Machine

Tens Machines work by applying controlled pressure to your lower pack to help ease the pain of contractions. They are a very popular alternative to medicated pain relief and can be hired for use during labor.

Birth Plan

A birth plan, written or typed up is important so that your carers now what is important to you during and after birth. For example, do you want artificial rupture of membranes if labor is not progressing? Do you want delayed cord clamping and/or immediate skin to skin contact? It is important that you state these things in writing.


Magnesium is great post birth to help relieve muscular pain and tension and to help with recovery of energy. It is also useful as a natural laxative as often Women are constipated post birth.

Psyllium Husk

Another great tool to help post birth is this natural laxative Psyllium Husk. Simply take 1tbs in a glass of water to help get things moving.

Ginger Tincture

Ginger tablets/chewables, Tea or Tincture are great for alleviating nausea and vomiting which is common during labor.

Post Partum Tea

A tea to help support lactation, promote calmness and ease after birth pains containing herbs like Chamomile, Lemon Balm, Cramp Bark and Yarrow.

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