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Pregnancy is such a special time for women and is often spent preparing for the arrival of baby with stocking up on supplies for their new addition and planning for the birth itself. But what about preparing for your own healing and recovery post partum? What about planning for your physical and emotional wellbeing after the birth? Often these things are overlooked, especially in first time mothers who don’t quite know what to expect in the early days. The first 40 days after birth is what is known as the ‘Fourth Trimester’, it’s almost as if it’s an extension of the pregnancy where you and your baby go through profound changes and transition, it’s a time for rest, healing and bonding. Because I know how important it is for mothers like myself to have the best support possible during this time, I have created a Post Partum Healing Toolkit which contains the following:

  • The four pillars of post partum healing and how you can place an emphasis on these aspects recovery
  • Ideas on how to stock your fridge and pantry with nourishing, healing foods before baby is born
  • Herbal remedies for healing your body and calming your mind
  • Tips on creating a supporting environment at home
  • Post partum nutrition and the best foods to help you heal and recover after the birth of your baby
  • Natural remedies for healing and common post partum ailments such as mastitis, low milk supply and digestive issues

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Do you want more calm and clarity in your life? Are you tired of feeling stressed and exhausted all of the time? Many of us are juggling many different roles and demands daily such as work, study, parenting and social commitments that leave us feeling drained, with little time for self care or prioritising the things that matter to us most. This toolkit provides many different ways in which you can support your nervous system and nourish your adrenals through natural remedies and simple lifestyle practices so that you can start to feel more energised, less overwhelmed and more clear on what you want and how to achieve it. In this toolkit you will learn:

  • Plant based remedies to support your adrenals, calm the nerves and boost energy
  • Tools for practicing mindfullness everyday for clarity and overcoming stress
  • How to create more space in your life both physically and mentally
  • Why movement is so important for overcoming stress and exhaustion
  • Which foods nourish and support the nervous system and fuel your mind and body

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