Top 8 Herbs for Women

There are many herbal Medicines which are well documented for supporting Women’s wellness. Many are wonderful at treating common female conditions such as  PMS, anxiety and adrenal fatigue without unwanted side effects due to their ability to get to the root cause of the problem. Traditionally, Herbal Medicine was a predominant part of Midwifery, and therefore there is extensive knowledge in the area of Herbal Medicine and Gynecology. For example, there is much wisdom surrounding herbs that can prevent and stop heavy bleeding, ease painful periods and regulate cycles. As a Women who was diagnosed with Endometriosis in my teens, Herbal Medicine has played a large role in managing my condition for example, regulating my cycles, reducing pain, inflammation and preventing heavy bleeding. Some months I need to tweak my remedies if I have a month where my symptoms flare up, but I know how important they are for my condition so they are an essential for me. Knowing that there are some great female herbs out there as an alternative to medications is a great way to re balance your cycles and support your physical and emotional wellbeing naturally. Here are some of my favourites!

  1. Shatavari – Oringinating from India, and very popular in Ayurvedic Medicine, Shatavari is a potent female tonic which supports estrogen production, balances hormones, aids fertility, promotes breastfeeding in mothers and supports the adrenals by increasing resistance to stress.
  2. Licorice- Another great herb for stress and fatigue, Licorice root is an adrenal tonic which means it supports the adrenals and is great in times of stress. It also reduces androgens, the male hormone which is elevated in polycystic ovarian syndrome, and is also a potent anti inflammatory so it is great for inflammatory conditions such as Endometriosis.
  3. Yarrow – Traditionally used in Native American Medicine, Yarrow is a strong astringent, making it great for reducing bleeding such as heavy periods. It is also useful in moving congested blood and stagnation in the uterus, therefore treating clotting and pelvic congestion. It is also a common herb for alleviting pain and fever when taken as a tea.
  4. Vitex – Also known as Chaste Tree, Vitex increases progesterone production and is a great herb for regulating cycles and preventing miscarriage as it is Progesterones role to maintain the uterine lining. Vitex is also great for treating PMS symptoms such as fluid tention, irritibility, acne and sore breastes.
  5. Lemon Balm – A lovely herb for nourishing the nerves in Women who are sensitive to stress, anxiety and feeling overwhelmed. Lemon Balm is great for calming the mind as well as supporting quality sleep.
  6. Dong Quai – Traditionally used in Chinese Medicine, Dong Quai is a blood tonic which not only nourishes the blood but moves blood stagnation, therefore it is great in conditions of inflammation and congestion such as Endometriosis and Women prone to anemia from heavy periods.
  7. Raspberry Leaf – Most likely the best known for pregnancy, Raspberry Leaf is great for toning and strenghening the uterus, not only in preparation for childbirth but also post partum to prevent excessive bleeding as well as during menstruation for alleviating spasm and pain.
  8. Cramp Bark – Another great herb for relieving pain, Cramp Bark is known as a spasmolytic, which means it alleviate spasm during menstruation as well as relieves afterbirth pains.

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