10 Ways to Boost Creativity

Do you ever wish that you could infuse your day with more creativity but just don’t know how? Or perhaps you don’t consider yourself a creative person? The truth is that we are all creative and there are many different ways that we can express this. Creativity looks different for different people, for some it might be fine art or for others it may be cooking or taking and printing photographs to decorate your home. No matter how you express your creativity, doing so is a great way to reduce stress and boost your sense of purpose, joy, self confidence and self expression daily. Here are some simple ways that you can do this:

  1. Start a Project – Having a project can help motivate you to get creative daily. It could be designing and printing a photobook for your home or for gifts, it could be writing a fictional story or preparing a script for a short film or documentary. It could be making a recipe book of all your favourite meals or it could be learning how to use a sewing machine so that you can create your own clothing or home wares.
  2. Collect Ideas – Keep a notebook next to your bed or in your bag where you can jot down any ideas that come to you for inspiration. You could write down ideas about things you want to learn, decorating projects for the house or ideas for things to grow in the garden.
  3. Take more Photographs – Photography, ideally with a digital camera is a great way to get creative. Taking portraits of friends, family, pets and landscape are a great way for you to explore different lighting, scenery and composition. Once you have a collection you can have fun editing them at home and perhaps even printing some of your favs.
  4. Decorate Your Home – Decorating your home can be a really great form of self expression. Some ideas include indoor plants, framed artwork and/or photos as well as colorful cushions, rugs and throws as well as re arranging rooms and furniture to create a comfortable and inspiring living space.
  5. Write and draw in a journal/sketchbook – No matter whether you feel you have artistic ability or not, sketching and drawing as a way of creative expression and even to relax and unwind is a great way to play with different ideas and develop your imagination and skills. Mandalas are a great place to start as they are often simple and repetitive patterns that are fun to create and look great.
  6. Learn a new skill – You’re never to old to learn new skills and doing so is a great way to express your creativity. Some ideas include workshops on painting, sculpting, print making or photography. As well as cooking workshops on things like cheese or sourdough making. Music lessons are also great for those who have always wanted to learn an instrument or learn how to sing.
  7. Find or create a new recipe – Create a new recipe by cooking up a storm in the kitchen for your family and friends or find a recipe to tweak and make your own. Cooking is great as it is all about trying and testing new flavors, cooking styles and food combinations. Cooking to music is also a lot of fun and a great way to enjoy the experience rather than rushing to get the final product.
  8. Start a blog – It’s so easy to start a blog these days with many free platforms out there. You can blog about many different things. Some ideas include your thoughts on different topics such as politics, philosophy, psychology etc, travel adventures, parenting, lifestyle, sport, fashion, gardening, health, art, music or cooking. It’s a fun way to express yourself, have fun designing a blog and sharing and connecting with others.
  9. Make a a mess with paint – Painting is a great way to have fun with color, shapes and textures. You can pick up canvas and paints from an art shop and have fun experimenting with different tools such as brushes, sponges, stencils etc. If you create something you really love you can even hang it in your home or give it as a gift!
  10. Create a veggie garden – Creating a veggie garden can be a lot of fun and is very rewarding. Choosing what foods you want to grow, caring for them and harvesting them is a really nice way to get creative and get out in nature. The best part is when you have an abundance of daily produce ready to cook and give away to family and friends.

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