10 Self Care Daily Rituals

Self care is essential for physical and emotional wellbeing. More than ever we are finding ourselves stressed out and tired due to overwhelm and exhaustion from a busy lifestyle. Creating a self care practice is a great way to slow down and nurture yourself so that you reset, restore and feel your best. Below are some suggestions on how you can add some self care rituals into your day. Personally I usually do at least 50% of these things throughout the day and more when I’m especially feeling in need of some extra care and attention. It’s important to remember that if you don’t fill your self up first, then you want have anything to give to others, whether it be your loved ones or to work, study or other projects. Which is why it is essential to make taking care of yourself number one priority.

  1. Adopt a Yoga Practice – Whether its a full yoga session at a studio, at home or just  short gentle stretching session, Yoga is a great way to slow down and take the time to move and stretch your body, releasing any tension, promoting circulation and detoxification as well as focusing ony our breathing. Lately I’m loving Yogaglo which is a website that has hundreads of Yoga classes that you can do straight from your lounge room.
  2. Enjoy a Cup of Tea – Any many traditional Cultures, Drinking tea is more like a ritual or a ceremony such as in Japan. Taking the time throughout the day to sit and relax while drinking a cup of tea can really help you to unwind and be more present. For extra calming benefits try herbal teass such as Chamomile, Passionflower, Rose and Lemon balm which have a relaxing effect on the nervous system.
  3. Start Journaling – Journalling is a great way to get all of those thoughts and feelings swirling around in your head out on paper. The act of writing itself is therapeutic and helps you to release any negative emotions as well as encourage you to gain a different perspective on how your feeling. It’s expressing your emotions in a safe space.
  4. Take a Magnesium Bath – Salt baths are wonderful for helping your mind and body to unwind. Magensium salts in particular are great for relaxing tense muscles, promoting calmness and releasing toxins from the body. You can also add some essential oils such as Rose and Lavender.
  5. Unplug from the Internet – Being constantly plugged in to emails, messages, calls and social media can be a source of stress in itself. We never seem to excape the online world these days so it’s nice to switch off daily. Choose a time of day, for example the first hour of waking or the hour befor bed where you switch the internet on your phone off and enjoy the peace of not having endless notifications or the pull to constantly check your phone. Doing some exercise or reading a book instead is a nice way replacement.
  6. Spend time in Nature – The physiological and emotional effects on nature have been studied in depth and have been shown to help boost self confidence, memory and feel good hormones whilst decreasing anxiety and depression. Getting out side each and every day, even if only for a short period, is a great way to connect to nature. Either going for a walk or sitting in a park, try and get outside amoungst the trees as often as possible.
  7. Do a face mask – There is something about doing a face mask that makes you feel like your really treating yourself. You can either make one from home or buy a nice natural one. I usually do them at night before bed to help me unwind and feel like I’m doing something nice for myself at the end of the day.
  8. Focus on your breathing – Often without even realising it, we go about our day with shallow breathing. This inturn means that we are not getting an optimum amount of oxygen circulating our body which can cause things like headaches, poor memory and concentration, fatigue, stress and anxiety. Try to catch yourself regulary and check it to see how you are breathing. A good way to do this is every hour, take not of your breathing and take 10 deep long inhalations and exhalations. Breathing like this helps to lower the stress hormone adrenaline and promote calmness.
  9. Rest & Restore – We dont need to be constantly on the go. It’s okay to just rest and do nothing, actually, its importnant that we do take the time to do this to recharge. Whether its taking a nap if you feel you need to, cancelling engagements, watching a movie or reading a book. Whatever you need to do to rest and restore, make sure you listen to your body and take the time out to do it.
  10. Say No – Sometimes we just need to learn to say no. If your feeling overwhelmed or tired and know what you really need is some time out, then saying no to other peoples requests or events and engagements is the best thing to do when it comes to taking care of yourself. Say no and don’t feel guilty because no one is going to benefit from you showing up exhaustion or doing something at half potential.

For more tips on how to make self care a daily practice and natural remedies to support energy and wellness, you can contact me for details on Naturopathic Consultations (online or in person) here 

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